Cool, the Prevailing Mint Green Tendency

I should have already known that the mint green ill be prevailing among fashion icons this summer. The special coolness and unique complexion of both tender and bright makes it the star color of these days. The charm of menthol can be shown in every decoration, skirt, coat, shirt, render and of course, nails.

Mint green always gives people a feeling like the cool breeze with menthol spirit like smell. Therefore, nothing can be more appropriate to wear in menthol color in summer. The fashion icons has caught this feature and made ver  y good useful of it. Just have a look at the fashion icon’s flexibly applying the mint green.

Nail Polish

Taylor Swift’s green color halve pleated skirt of simply mint green color gives people a cool and tender feeling while another dress with the side leakage of numerous white small point adds more vivid and young elements reminding you the little naughty neighbor girl. Blake Lively looks much causal while wearing a mint green render. We often have a little difficult in choosing the color in render. I think this can help us. Mint green is very moderate color, unlike the radiant orange or red, it is much easier to match with other clothes.

Nail Polish

And mint green will also be a fantastic option for nail polish. Its tender complexion and calm color looks even more outstanding in nail arts. We will always mix blue or green color with white powder. For the contained white color can create a special tranquility, just like the dim moonlight. Under the foiling of this nail polish, your fingers will look younger, cleaner and tender.

nail arts

Sometimes, the simple mint green is not enough. To add more lively factors, I would like to dot some glitter at the nail tips, or apply laces nail art stickers. This is really what summer needs.

nail art sticker


When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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