How to Coordinate Nail Designs with your Skin

As society develops, we have to pay more attention to our outward appearance. That is to say, our clothing, our skin, our nails, etc, all we should try to dress up, protect, decorate. We can use one sentence to summarize it, that is trying to coordinate these different elements perfectly. So today the topic in this article is how to coordinate nail designs with our skin.

nail designsnail designs

When it comes to this topic, undoubtedly someone will smile, while others will cry. Why will I say this? That is because someone is white skin, while others are black skin. Many people think it is hard to match with other elements in black skin. As a matter of fact, you keep a wrong idea in your mind. Whatever skin you are, there are suitable nail designs to match with. For instance, if you are in comparative black skin, you can choose some shine and bright nail designs such as red. Surely the pink color or other colorful nail stickers are also fit to your black skin. I deem you’d better don’t decorate the black color since it will add black to your skin. If you are white color, undoubtedly there are various nail designs for you including black, blue, light pink and so on. If you like the colorful style, you can choose the colored nail tips. It must will add the beautiful element to your whole look.

nail designsnail designsnail designscolored nail tipscolored nail tipscolored nail tips

The above points just represent my own advice, you can have your own idea. In fact, whatever your skin are, you can find the most suitable nail designs to coordinate your different skin only if you are good at finding.

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