The Correct Nail Art for Your Fingers

The beauty and makeup industry are huge. There are so many categories. Literally, a body part is a category and there are so many brands and products available for each body part alone. Now the question is, what remains missing? The one thing women miss out on due to the time and effort that is required to put on are professional nail tools. The enhancements are so many. You have nail polish, nail glitter, faux nails, rings, and so much more. But the question is how to buy the proper nail art according to what your finger type is. We can help you out here.

glitter for nails

There are different shapes of fingers and nails. And products are available for each type. If you have medium to long nails, the almond shape will suit you the best. These are round at the bottom, elongated and then narrow down towards the tip.

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If you don’t have slim hands, this almond-shaped nail tool will give the illusion of slim fingers. Round shaped nails are used for everyday, easy and simple looking nails. These also help when you have long fingers to make them look smaller. You can use a little nail glitter with these and make lines to create different patterns. But don’t go overboard as that will look very overdone.

professional nail tools	professional nail tools

The square shaped nails are better for the work environment, looking chic while casual, and work best for long fingers. Just a little nail polish works wonders with this and if you want them on small fingers, you can use different colors to make lines on a nail to create an illusion of longer nails. The coffin-shaped nails are the ones with elongated but squared tips. This will not suit the women with short fingers and should be kept for nails which are strong. Oval shaped nails are round at both bottom and top. These are best suited for medium and short nails. When used on wide fingers, they create the illusion of being slim and make the short fingers seem longer.

glitter for nails

The mainstay of the fashion industry for nail art and nail tools has been the nail polish. However, you can use glitter for nails, nail jewels, matte coat, striping tape, transfer foils and many other products to create an array of designs. Just make sure that the kind of faux nail that you use is best suited for your finger, and the product that you put on is not overdone. That’s the best way to make them look flawless.


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