Cutest Ever: Nails Inspired by Disney Princesses

Love everything about Disney? As most of you have done, I have been addicted to the Disney Movies for a long time, and I won’t miss any of them. Admittedly, those Disney movies play an important role in our childhood, and they have given us lots of fun and happy. And I have to say that I love those movies of Disney which are produced in recent years due to their imageries, and those movies are not only interesting but also educational for kids. Are you excited to paint your nails for this Halloween with the nail polish? Here are some cute ideas that are inspired by Disney Princesses.

nail polish

Speaking of Disney Princesses, the one that comes up my mind firstly is the Snow White. Although Snow White is not my favorite, the palette of her outfit looks quite contrasting and bright. The combination of red, bright yellow and blue is what you need to paint your nails.

Nail art designs

You love the Tiffany Blue a lot, so the nail art which is inspired by the Princess Jasmine, whose outfit is in Tiffany Blue, should be taken into account. These nail art designs look quite classy, and none of them is exact a character, which does make it more wearable in daily life.

Nail art designs

One of the stories that have made me cry as I was a child is The Little Mermaid, and I can’t help feeling said for the little mermaid with red hair. What’s more, I did think that she is kind of sexy when I was young. Make your nails sparkling with those sequins.

Nail art designs

Which prince is my favorite? It’s the Rapunzel absolutely, because I love this Blondie whose hair has magical power and will glow in the dark. What’s more, her outfit in pink and purple looks quite elegant and classy somehow.

Nail art designs

With all those great ideas I show you, let’s make your nails striking immediately.


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