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Your feet endure the worst part of your entire body; they take you any place you need. However finished working them without the best possible care they require can cause you harm. Envision not having the capacity to walk because your feet are excessively sore from the dry skin that is by all accounts peeling off, or the corns that simply make it incomprehensible for you to wear shoes to work. With regards to your feet, you should take as much care of it as you can, all things considered, they give you a strong base.

Our feet are the unsung heroes of the lower body. Every day they carry us through the world, over long distances, and in uncomfortable shoes, getting us where we need to go. But it’s hard to stand up to the world on feet that don’t want you to stand on them at all, so help your feet to help you, by following these simple foot care and hygiene tips.

Happy feet all start with a good scrubbing. Healthy feet are clean feet, so you should be washing yours every day. Use a mild soap that won’t dry them out, and make sure that you’ve rinsed all of the soap off when you’re done- there’s nothing like a little left-over soap to irritate the skin between your toes.

If your feet have a tendency toward dryness, moisturizer is a must. With your feet, you can feel free to use a heavy moisturizer that you would never consider using for your face care routine- you can even go as heavy as petrolatum, Vaseline or soft paraffin to combat cracking dry skin, and your feet will thank you for it. To get the best results always use a  foot dead skin remover and moisturize after washing your feet, and, for the heavy-duty emulsifying treatment, massage a thick coat of heavy moisturizer into your skin before bed, and wear cotton socks. This will help your feel retain more of the moisturizer, quenching and softening dry, hard skin while you sleep.

 foot dead skin remover

And what are healthy feet without healthy toenails with nail clipper catcher? The fact is, if you neglect your toenails, your feet just aren’t taken care of. So keep them trimmed and clean. It’s important that you trim them too close the toe, to avoid painful breakage, and trim them straight across. Rounded toenails might look nice, but they make your toes more vulnerable to painful and unattractive ingrown nails. Save yourself the misery, and cut them clean across, every time.

nail clipper catcher

No one wants to hear it, but when it comes to feet, it’s often what’s on the outside that counts. If you’re wearing shoes that don’t fit, shoes that don’t have proper arch support or that don’t have good insole cushioning, your feet will tell you so by aching and throbbing throughout the day.

Give your feet some breathing space, always wear socks that provide your feet with proper ventilation. You can also avoid wearing socks when it is very hot, especially if you don’t need to go to work.


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