Dazzle Your Next Party With ICE QUEEN Acrylic Nails

How long did you stare longingly at those dazzling ICE QUEEN acrylic nails of the woman you met at yesterday’s party? The perfect tone and glitter gave the nails a natural feel. Still, they stood out to grab the attention of all. People were trying to find out more about professional nail kit from the woman, who had some wise suggestions about nail art supplies online. Every time she moved her fingers, you were riveted to the dazzle of those acrylic nail tips.

professional nail kit As a fashion-conscious person, you yourselves will want such sensational fingernails. There is no need to shy away from adding a professional nail kit to your collection of fashion accessories because you deserve the best. You should be the one dazzling the host and guests at your next party. You could acquire your nail art supplies online including those well-formed acrylic nail tips that are so fashionable.

nail art supplies online

A base of pink tone is best suited for giving your nails that lovely natural look. A clear glue covering will make your fingernails appear fuller and smoother.


Apply the mix of white powder and silver crystals to provide the contrast and enhance the glitter. You must ensure that you apply the base smoothly and do an even overlay. Take care to do one fingernail at a time.


Applying the silver crystals towards the tips and white mix closer to the base gives a smoother look to the art. You should not lay the silver and white coating thick because that will rob the whole work of its aesthetic charm.


You should allow each finger reasonable time to dry so that the glue does not drip or gives a streaking look. It’s important to ensure that the fingernails are kept perfectly flat while applying the art. This will allow the glue to spread more evenly and dry smoothly. The silver and white particles will also spread thinly on the substrate giving a smooth appearance to the fingernails.


The larger the silver crystals used, the brighter the fingernails look. This is because the larger crystals provide more surface area for the light to reflect off. Everybody likes the elongated contour of the acrylic nails. They accentuate the shape of the fingers and make them appear longer.


It’s high time you got the ICE QUEEN acrylic nails by using the professional nail kit because you are going to see more of it. Log onto the internet and get those fabulous nail art supplies online. Do not go to your next party without those

acrylic nail tips, made, even more, dazzling using the ICE QUEEN acrylic fingernails.



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