Different Types of Foundation for You to Choose

No matter whether you are good at make up or not, I think all of you guys know that the foundation is the most important cosmetic during the makeup process. Why the girls of Korea is so beautiful? Their flawless and fresh face are famous all over the world no matter whether they make up or not. Why can’t we have the flawless face? As we do not pay enough attention to pick up the right foundation for our skin tone. Going outside with the flawless face is an essential thing for every people to achieve and sometimes it will bring some benefits to our life. Above all, we should have a deep knowledge about the types of foundation and then according to your skin to choose the right one for you.

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No.1: cream
This type of foundation is a little heavy, but it has the good ability of concealing, long-lasting and moisture. In general, it is not suitable for people to make up the fresh makeup, instead of the heavy makeup. By the way, it is perfectly suitable for those who have the dry skin or the neutral skin. You guys can see the Blemish concealer stick cream for reference.

cream cream

No.2: liquid
This type of foundation seem to be the water, the difference between them is the liquid foundation has the color. It is lighter than the cream so it is suitable for every people to use in their daily life. But its concealing ability is not strong as well as the cream, so there are some flaws on your face, I do not recommend you to use this type.

liquid liquid

No.3: powder
This type of foundation is very common in our daily life as people always use it to make the makeup keep long-lasting. It is suitable for the oily skin, not the dry skin.

powder powder

After choosing the most suitable foundation for you, don’t forget to pick up some makeup tools like the bottle powder sponge puff to make the foundation more natural for your look. In addition, there are still other types of foundation, but I cannot tell more details for you guys. If you want to know more, please contact me and I am willing to show you guys.

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