Digoo BB T1 Hair Trimmer Review

Are you looking for a new device to help you trim your hair or beard? We have taken a good look at a specific device for you. Take a look below to see whether it’s what you’re looking for.

Hair Trimmer


The device we have studied for you is the Digoo BB T1 Hair Trimmer. It’s a good looking clipper in black and silver color in a convenient size. Along with the trimmer, you get a USB-charging cable, a small cleaning brush, 4 different length limiting combs and a user manual in English. 

Hair Trimmer


If you’re looking for a hair trimmer that gets the job done in a good way,  then you should give the  Digoo BB T1 a try. The phone has a ceramic moving blade in combination with a blade made of titanium. It prevents rust and also prevents you from hurting your skin. It works perfectly to use for both men, children, and babies. Alongside with the device, you get 4 different combs to limit the length,  and it has gotten five different length switches. 

Hair Trimmer

A good feature is that the hair trimmer is cordless, which makes it simple to use wherever you are. You charge it with a USB cable that works with any USB charger that has 5V. Another good thing about the Digoo BB T1 is that it works on a very low decibel, which makes it perfect for using when trimming babies or dogs and cats so that they won’t get scared. It also has two different speeds that you easily choose according to you. If you charge the battery for 8 hours, it will work for about 2 hours,  and it also has protection against overcharging. 

Hair Trimmer

Another important aspect when it comes to hair clippers is how easy they are to clean. The  Digoo BB T1 is easy to disassemble and keep clean, which keeps it free from bacterias and dirt.

Hair Trimmer

Pros and Cons

When we tried the Digoo BB T1 Hair Trimmer,  we were first amazed by how quiet it was. It made it easier and more comfortable to use as it weren’t noisy at all. It cuts the hair well without getting stuck or damaging the skin, and it’s comfortable to hold it in your hand. Another pro is that the hair trimmer is cordless which gives you the possibility to use it anywhere you want. It’s also a pro that the battery lasts for two hours of use. This trimmer is perfect for anyone who wants a good device at a cheap price. When it comes to cons with the Digoo BB T1 they aren’t many, but one is that there are 4 different length limiting combs which is a bit too many for our taste. There could have been more adjustments on the trimmer instead and only 2 combs. However, considering the products price, it doesn’t matter that much.

Hair Trimmer


 Digoo BB T1 Hair Trimmer is a very good product for a very small price. It can be used to cut the hair of your, your children or your animal. It’s silent and does not get stuck in the hair, which gives a great experience. With its beautiful design and the fact that it’s cordless,  it’s surely a good purchase.


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