DIGOO DG-M6 Portable Water Toothpick Review

Your mouth is the way to your overall wellbeing, so keeping your gums sound is essential. All things needed is a moment day by day for a cleaner, fresher, and more beneficial mouth. Additionally, it’s ideal for anyone with props, crowns, inserts, or periodontal pockets. DIGOO DG-M6 USB Rechargeable Dental Water toothpick propels a consistent water pressure. Progressively Effective Brushing and Flossing in One Convenient tool.

Water toothpick

The Design

DIGOO DG-M6 USB Rechargeable Dental Water Flosser has the refreshed removable full-opening water tank that grants you to clean the limescale and organisms inside, which is unfathomable for essential oral irrigators. It possesses a waterproof plan and doesn’t allow water to spill in case of free association. The spout turns 360 degrees and you can operate in three modes which include Soft, ordinary, and Pulse modes which determine the water pressure. Comes with 2 distinguishable splash spout with obvious splendid rings.

Water toothpick

IPX8 waterproof design – Avoids electric spillage and improves security, CE/RoHS/IPX7/FCC/FDA certification for historic wellbeing guarantee. It’s secured to be put wherever including the washroom and shower.


Astonishing Cleansing Results – The water flosser pick is outfitted with explicit oral neatness strategies and goes with 360 Degree detachable spouts which make it phenomenally feasible for cleaning the hard to-show up at domain in your mouth. It does not simply hinder your teeth decay, gum kicking the bucket, dental math, dental plaque, yet also improves growing gum infection and extraordinary delicateness. Ideal for those with props, embeds, crowns, augmentations, exterior, and periodontal pockets. There are 3 cleaning modes with mode memory work – LOW mode’s water pressure is 50PSI, MEDIUM is 90PSI, HIGH is 170PSI, the past two are proposed for plaque removal while the HIGH is in high-repeat pulsate, which is ideal for gum massage and improving blood stream. Mode Memory work returns to the picked mode in the wake of the slaughtering. Furthermore, Gush mode could save water.

It offers a Low Noise and a capable water yield speed while the uproar level is under 80dB. The innovative high-capability water siphon is acquainted inside the device to utilize the water supply.

Water toothpick

External Suction Pipe Avoid Frequent Water Injection. The fascinating external suction tube pipe setup uses a suction siphon to give a constant water stream to the water flosser oral irrigator, executing the necessity for visit water infusion. The critical point is that there is the last development while stacking the water tank. Spot the water flosser uniformly on the table. At that point press the catch of the water tank to inside and secure it.


I must confess this water flosser stands out among its competitors. You can purchase this device at Banggood.com which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

DIGOO DG-M6 Portable Water Toothpick Review
Article Name
DIGOO DG-M6 Portable Water Toothpick Review
Water flossers are taking over the market today with traditional toothbrush giving way. The advantages of water flossers over toothbrushes cannot be overemphasized. In our review today, we will be considering the Digoo DG-M6 portable water flosser and why it is on the lips of many.


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