DIY a Chic Strawberry Nail Design

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Strawberry fashion is inspired by the fruit of the strawberry which is absolutely adorable and enjoyable. It is also regarded as one of perfectly creative accessories. This creative idea makes strawberry into something pretty to wear such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hair ornaments, nail art and so on. Any decoration is very suitable for people to show up formal event, private party and casual occasion. Today how about having a look at one DIY chic strawberry nail design step by step.

Nail ArtNail Art

Step 1: Take out your nail art brush set and choose suitable one to paint your nail’s base red.

nail art brush setnail art

Step 2: After the base coat gets dry completely, use the pinking sheers to cut ten strips of tape on each nail and apply one piece per nail.

Step 3: It is time for you to apply the green nail polish to the area left untaped carefully.

Step 4: You don’t need to pull off the tape until the whole hand is done since the effect is not the better than to take tape off immediately.

Step 5: Choose one nail art pen from nail art brush set, using it with black, white or other colors nail polish to place small dots on your nails randomly.

nail art nail art

Step 6: It is the last step, so please be patient. After all your nails dry, add a layer of top coat to protect your nails from scratching.

Just 6 simple steps, you can own such beautiful, charming, gorgeous and chic strawberry nail design, so take action right now!

nail art nail art nail art nail art



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