DIY Charming Sunset for Your Nail Looks

I firmly reckon that you feel like sitting on the seaside and appreciating the beauty of sunset because it is so beautiful and charming that you can’t resist on the seduction. If you do like that, it is wise for you to contribute it to your attractive nail looks. In other words, DIY your nail art with simple, easy, nice and pretty sunset is your best choice. Below let’s pay attention to the simple steps for getting sunset nail looks.

nail art

First of all, just like the ordinary nail style you do in daily life, the first step you should do is to apply a thin layer of transparent base coat, so as to protect your natural nails from damaging.

nail art

The second step is to use yellow nail polish onto the whole face of nails. And then add the violet nail polish to the middle of nails. Next, daub the top of your nails with the orange or red nail polish. Now, it is necessary for you to use hairbrush to brush the surface as flat as you can in order to mix these three colors naturally. Do remember that try your best to brush it flatly. In the end, you’d better to dry it with a nail light dryer completely.

nail artnail artnail artnail artnail art

Correctly, the beauty of sunset is coming your nails, do try it and enjoy it!


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