DIY Geometric & Color Clash Nail Art

Geometric nail art design is pretty beautiful and simple, even if only a few quadrilateral superposition can make them look very high-key, gorgeous and attractive. Today, it is the good time for us to learn how to get it well step by step. Let’s begin.

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Step 1: Like other manicures, the first thing we should do is to trim our nails perfectly. After that, we can start to apply a thin layer of base coat.
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Step 2: Then, coat with lavender purple nail polish carefully and patiently.

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Step 3: After the first layer of drying, paint dark purple rectangle on each nail asymmetrically. In the corresponding position, applied with atroceruleous small rectangle.

uv nail extensionsuv nail extensions

Step 4: Now, use black polish to hook edge for the dark purple rectangle, in this step, you can take uv nail extensions as consideration.

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Step 5: Waiting several layers to dry completely, apply a layer of matte top coat.

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Well, a kind of full of art sense nail art design is finished perfectly and successfully. Just show off it to the people around you!


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