DIY the Beautiful Nail Art about the Cute Minions


A month ago, I have written an article about the minions, to share the brief introduction and the shoes, the clothes with them. As the minions in all the films are so cute and lovely, people are very crazy about them and they are very popular in this modern society. Have you ever dreamed that you could possess one of them one day? Want them to be together with you? To be frank, it is impossible that having such a cute vivid minion to accompany you. But you can possess other thing about them to satisfy your feeling and aspiration. Today, I am going to share you guys the beautiful nail art about the minions. Whether you are minions fan or not, you also can appreciate it.

minions nail art minions nail art

By DIY the nail art with the pattern of minions, there are total ten minions to stay with you all the time. Is it an amazing and wonderful thing for you? As a matter of fact, if you are determined to do the nail art about minions, you must ensure that you are skillful about that as it is a little difficult for us to polish.

minions nail art minions nail art

On the other hand, you need to prepare all the nail polish that you need before polish. The essential colors of them are the yellow, the white, the black and the blue. You should take the yellow color as the whole base color as the minions almost are yellow. As the yellow one is the main color, here I recommend the phototherapy UV gel polish to you guys. The yellow color of it is very beautiful and suitable for you to make the base color. And then you should use the blue color to draw the jean of them. Maybe you should take your favorite picture as the example to DIY if you have no idea.

minions nail art minions nail art

Of course, if you think you are not good at polishing the nail, you should ask for the professional staff to finish it. And you can tell you own unique thought about it to her, which can give her a probable idea.

minions nail art minions nail art


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