Do You Know? Wrong Washing Postures Make Wrinkles Easily

Washing face, we do it everyday. But do you make sure you do it rightly? Do you know wrong washing postures will make wrinkles easily? In fact, there are many knowledge about daily washing, it isn’t okay just using the best facial cleanser. Today let’s focus on must-know tricks to keep face cleaning.

Facial CleanserFacial CleanserFacial Cleanser

First of all, pay attention to the temperature of water. It is a key point to use the suitable temperature water to wash face. The extremely definite answer is you must choose lukewarm water because our skin are much weaker than we imagine. Once we touch cold or hot water suddenly, it is easy to lead to capillaries broken and wrinkles seen.

Facial CleanserFacial CleanserFacial CleanserFacial Cleanser

Besides, technique is equally important. The most right technique to wash face is to paint arc on face and then go on massaging from down to up gently. At the same time, you can ask the help of those cleansing tools like washing brush. Whichever you choose, do try to treat your skin tenderly and avoid pulling, or wrinkles will come to find you.

Facial CleanserFacial Cleanser

What’s more, look out the tensity while patting face with towel. Many of you seems to rub the face with towel after washing face for wiping out the water on face. Now, you should try to pat face as gentle as you can.

Facial CleanserFacial CleanserSkin Toner

After the above right postures, apply skin toner immediately for keeping skin moist and hydrated.


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