Do You Know: Your Beloved Lip Colors Corresponding to Your Personality

Makeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip Gloss

According to the survey on women of cosmetics company, a woman has more lipsticks, which shows she is quite confident in herself. Go and count how many lipsticks you have. Although we don’t have much confidence to decide the quantity of our lipsticks or makeup lip gloss, our hearts can decide the colors we choose.

Makeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip Gloss

Once a psychologist at the harvard university has said , watching a woman using cosmetics, other beauty tools and products can directly determine the woman’s character and charm. Likewise, her lipstick color can suggest what personality she is. For instance, the most common but charming red lipstick, it is popularly welcomed by many women. It seems that every woman will keep one this lipstick, which is pretty suitable for them to apply at weekend night party. Correctly, gorgeous red lips express their bold, fearless and creative personality. At the same time, if they are fond of pink lips, they will be thought to be good at communicating, have lots of hobbies and fun. It also shows that they are full of energy, so many senior management would like the pink, while those young girls would prefer to apricot or nude.

beauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty toolsMakeup Lip Gloss

Do you like to apply lipstick in daily life? Which lip color is your favorite? Do share your beloved lip color with me in the comments.

Makeup Lip Gloss


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