Double Color Pearl Eyeshadow Stick Review

You’re inspired by all the striking eyeshadow looks you see on social media, but don’t have the skill or time to achieve those looks yourself? Luckily, the Double color pearl eyeshadow pen allows you to apply your eyeshadow in just one step, so you can rock that flawless look without no makeup skills whatsoever.

 Double Color Eyeshadow Stick

About the Double Color Eyeshadow Stick

This product comes from Novo; a company focused on innovative and trendy makeup products. It simplifies creating a gradient eyeshadow style by combining two matching colors in the same pen. There are six options you can choose between, from bold orange and rose pink to subtle brown shades. We recommend you to pick colors that will best complement your eye color.

 Double Color Eyeshadow Stick

All the colors have a glittering effect so they will brighten your eyes and make them stand out. The pen is similar to a lipstick, which makes it very easy to apply, with no brushes required. This eyeshadow pen is also an excellent present for your younger friend or a relative who just began experimenting with makeup.

 Double Color Eyeshadow Stick

What looks can you achieve with this eyeshadow pen

The double color eyeshadow stick  is a perfect choice for an everyday makeup look. The easy application allows you to smoothly fuse two colors for a classic double eyeshadow effect. This look is all the rage in Asia for years and began to gain popularity in the US as well, mostly because it is suitable for every eye shape. To achieve it, start applying one color closer to your eyelid, by angling the stick towards that color. As you move upwards slightly change the angle of the pen so its vertical to your eye, and finish off by applying the other color at the corners of your eyelid. This process will allow you to quickly get the striking gradient eyeshadow look that surely won’t pass unnoticed.

On the other hand, you could also take a simpler approach, by placing the stick vertically in the inner corner of your eye and pulling it outwards. The effect will be similar to the one described above, but you will have slightly less control. However, you can still experiment with different angles to achieve an effect that complements your eyes the most.

 Double Color Eyeshadow Stick


The Double Color Pearl Eyeshadow Stick will be a game changer in your everyday make up routine. It will save you a lot of time you would usually spend in blending colors, and enable you to achieve a flawless look regardless of your makeup skills and experience.


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