Dramatic 3D Nail Art Flocking Powder

3d nail art

Even if it is winter now, but the beauty trend never stop its pace. Surely you shouldn’t stop your step, either. So how long haven’t you been tried 3d nail art? Maybe a long time, maybe you never try this style, are you included?

3d nail art3d nail art

You may reckon that such gorgeous and exaggerated design is not so suitable for you to wear in daily life except some grand occasions. Yes, you are right. Not every 3d style is appropriate for daily dressing-up, but you can manicure those right looks. For example, this nail art flocking powder is perfect for you to try anytime and anywhere. That is to say, in spite of the time and place, you can polish it on your dull nails, so as to make your nails look more beautiful, charming and dramatic.

Nail Art Flocking PowderNail Art Flocking PowderNail Art Flocking Powder

In my opinion, I do believe that this style is your best choice in such cold winter because it is velvet flocking material which makes you feel warm. So try it without any hesitation. By the way, if necessary, you can see the below pictures and get the tips how to polish it correctly and perfectly.

Nail Art Flocking PowderNail Art Flocking Powder


More beauty, more confidence! Every girl has a princess dream, and every lady has a queen dream. Here I will tell you this is not just a daydream, it is a dream that can be come true by our constantly forward steps. Welcome to join me and share beauty and fashion with me. Let us grow up follow the fashionable step!

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