Dry Your Nail Polish in Faster Way

I’ve heard many women complain about the time they spend on waiting for the nail polish to dry. Disregarding the flip side of the comment, it is certainly frustrating that after you a manicure, your nails are perfectly painted, and you have to wait for the paint to dry completely more than couple minutes, or your nail art design might be ruined by unconscious movement. If this has ever happened to you or many times, pay attention to this post, because we will give you some amazing hacks that will accelerate the drying process.

nail polish dryer fan

In case you did not know, shiny nail art dries completely when exposed to low temperatures. When finished painting them, you should wait a couple of minutes, and then quickly dipped your hands in a bowl of water with some ice cubes, as making sure that your nails do not touch each other or with the edges of the container. Now leave your nails in the ice cold water for about 2 or 3 minutes and then remove them. Let them dry naturally without rubbing with towels or paper.

shiny nail art

The nail polish dryer fan would also be a wonderful choice, since this one could also dry your nail faster than you could imagine. As the dryer fan could also cool the nail polish, so it could make the nail art design dries more quickly.

shiny nail art

As already mentioned, nails dry faster at low temperatures, so use the method of freezing to shelve the spend hours blowing. Just put your hands in the freezer for a few minutes.

nail polish dryer fan

Soaping hands and nails well after two minutes of finished paint, rinsed to perfection and then dry off gently with a soft towel. It’s also a wonderful idea you could have a try.


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