How to Have an Effective Massage at Home Yourself

Body massage is the most effective technique to get instant relief from both mental and physical stress. And its effects stays in our body for a very long time too. But if you are unable to go to a professional masseur to get a massage done, do not worry as you can do it yourself right at the comfort of your home. Here are some tips and techniques to help you to have a massage at home.

Rose Ultrasonic Humidifier

Create the Atmosphere

You can have a nice rose ultrasonic humidifier that can create a healthy atmosphere in the room where you are performing massage too. And adding some soft music will perfect.

Rose Ultrasonic Humidifier

Use Oils for Massage

The basic rule of the massage is that you use some oil to apply to your body before starting. You can use a professional oil meant for massage or just a basic ones such as coconut or olive oil. Massage requires rubbing your fingers and even palm in some areas which creates friction. To avoid that and to help move your hands freely, oil is recommended to be applied. It also moistens the skin and gives it a glow. Use some diffusers in your room with water soluble essential oils that keep the moisture in the area intact and produces a pleasant fragrance that can benefit you during the massage.

Water Soluble Essential Oils

Tennis Ball for your Back

It is impossible to reach your hands to massage the back but a basic soft tennis ball does the job. Place it on the floor and lie back on it slowly to ensure the ball is in the middle. Now move your body up and down by allowing some pressure on it. You can do the same to different areas of the back by moving your body position accordingly.

Water Soluble Essential Oils

Massage Chairs

Thanks to technology that has made way for electrical massage chairs that has the ability to give your whole body a nice massage. You just have to sit back and relax and the motors and moving balls inside the chair do the job. There are different types of massage chairs on the market that you can choose from. You can also turn on a rose ultrasonic humidifier and breathe in a healthy air inside your room while your body gets a nice massage.

Water Soluble Essential Oils

Use Your Fingertips

To massage your feet, hands, thighs, neck, and shoulders, use your fingertips to press firmly on these areas. There are plenty of tips and instructional videos that you can find about how to do it. And when you are massaging, create a positive atmosphere by using some wholesale diffusers with water soluble essential oils. It can be soothing to your mind and it can help you get rid of nasal blocks, dryness of skin and sore throats too.

wholesale diffusers



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