Electric Shavers: The perfect shaving tool

It has been diacovered that 60% of Men who go about with grown beards are not really comfortable having them. Now the question may arise, “then why do they still have them on their faces”?

Many of them love to have a clean face and also will want to look good too, but the problem lies in the fear of a shaving routine, for a range of reasons. Some of which is shortage of time and sensitive skins.
With the introduction of electric shavers, the fear of having a wet shave has been handled by offering multiple functions and benefits that a wet shave can’t provide.
The electric shaver (also known as the dry razor) is a razor with a rotating or oscillating blade. The electric razor usually does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water.

Tips for obtaining an electric shaver

1.Go for Rotary blades Shavers
An electric shaver with such a blade has more open design, which makes it easier for longer hairs to reach the blades. This also means that if you’ve got curly or thicker hair, you will be better off using rotary blade electric shaver.

2.Get one that has a pop-up trimmer
This is very important if you’re an individual who maintains finely trimmed facial hair, as it’s smaller blades makes it easier to shave clean along a straight line.

3.Get a self-cleaning model
If you’re the type that shaves frequently, you will discover that cleaning up your electric shaver after each use can be a pain. Some models comes with docking stations that will automatically clean your shaver’s head while charging it’s battery. Flyco brand of electric shavers has this type of model.

Benefits of using electric Shavers

They protect sensitive skin.
Whereas blades scrape and damage your face, electric razors glide over skin. That means no chance of cuts, less irritation after each pass, and no unsightly razor burn when you’re done.

There’s always one to fit your need
Most older electric razors only offer a simple shave, but today’s technologies fit most varied grooming needs. No matter your priorities (shaving in the shower, tackling body hair, or fading your beard neckline), there’s an electric shaver that does it well.

They save you precious time.
As the story goes, the first electric razor was invented by Colonel Jacob Schick, after many long and freezing shaves on an U.S. Army outpost. He specially designed them to save you time: You don’t ever have to bother with water, lather, or new blades.

You’ll maintain your stubble sweet spot.
Every man’s got his favorite spot between barefaced and bearded. Stay exactly where you want to with a set of electric clippers, which enable precise control over the length of your stubble.

You can man-scape with confidence.
A razor never feels more unsafe than when it’s on a spot you can’t see. Thankfully, an electric razor can hit anywhere on your body without the threat of nicks.

Electric shavers are designed to make shaving routine less time consuming and safer. It affords you the ability to decide at what length you want your stubble. The interesting part if it all is that they are very affordable. Go grab one today.

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