Elegant Flyco FS339 Electric Shaver Designed for a Smooth Shave

All men and some women have facial hair, which usually detracts from their appearance. Also in some professions, employees are not allowed to have facial hair, especially on the chin. While manual shaving using razors is possible, these have a limited life and have to be replaced frequently since the blade loses its sharpness and are unable to remove the facial hair. Hence many men are interested in purchasing a high quality and well designed electric shaver which will remove their hair quickly and safely. The Flyco FS339 is an elegant electric shaver, which has been designed for convenient shaving.


The silver coloured Flyco FS339 electric shaver is extremely well designed and has won the China Appliance Award. Along with the shaver, a cleaning brush, English and Chinese manual are also supplied. A US plug, charging line and adapter based on the country in which the buyer is located will also be supplied. The shaver has a display showing the duration for which the battery was charged, how much longer the battery will last and also the duration for which the shaver was used for shaving. The electric shaver is waterproof, conforming to IPX7 standards, allowing the user to wash the shaver under water.


The FS339 shaver has a shaving head which is specially designed to ensure smooth shaving. The shaving head is floating and can rotate through 360 degrees tracing the contours of the face for a clean and smooth shave. Double rings are used for the shaving area, enhancing the shaving area by up to 95%. The best blacksmiths and highest quality stainless steel are used in the shaving head to ensure that the blades are sharp and durable. Automatic blade grinding has been used to maximize the sharpness of the blades. The blades and other parts of the shaving head can be de-mounted for deeper cleaning and replacement if required.


The Flyco shaver is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling so that it does not slip. It has a light touch switch to power it on. The shaver can be quickly charged in one hour using voltage of range 110-220V and used for ninety minutes of shaving. This intelligent shaver incorporates six different alarms for the convenience of the user. The smart charging alarm will inform the user that the battery levels are below 5%. Based on the time for which the shaver is used for shaving, an alarm will be activated to wash the shaver. If the on-off switch is pressed for long, the shaver will be locked and an alarm will be generated. If the shaver head is blocked, an alarm will be produced to block the shaver for the safety of the user and shaver. Similarly, if the beard is stuck an alarm will be generated.


So based on the above features, the FS339 Flyco electric shaver is elegant, well designed making it ideal for getting a smooth shave and excellent value for money.


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