Ensure Nail Stickers against Peeling

As nail stickers is easy to apply with little time and are the quickest way to turn your nails into something totally gorgeous and particular, it have always been a craze among the youngsters as well as women who are conscious about their looks. On one hand, All you need to do with nail stickers is to stick them to your nails without any request for creative skills. Therefore, you can never go wrong with this non-messy nail stickers. On the other hand, Making sure you apply them right is essential, as poor application will leave your tips peeling. Then, it will be embarrassed with tips peeling as you go about daily activities. Luckily, There is something effective to avoid it.

nail stickers

Firstly, remove any old polish with nail polish remover. After you trim and file nails as you like, wash hands cleanly and let dry for a few minutes.

nail stickersnail stickers

Then, apply base coat to protect your nails. After base is dry, apply the color of your choice with two light layers. Following to your preference, opt to the appropriate color.

Next, gently lay nail sticker atop your nail with tweezers, which you love such as flower nail art sticker. Press it from the bottom of the sticker up, gently and firmly with the tip of your tweezers. In this part, it is also important that you buy your nail stickers from a good place, since you would obviously want that the stickers are made from quality products that don’t spoil your nails in any manner.

nail stickersFinally, apply a clear polish top coat, which will protect stickers from getting caught or snagged on any occasion. Wait for 20minutes to allow top coat to totally dry before doing any activities.

If you keep these steps in mind, it should be easy to stick nail stickers well.


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