Fashion Hair Styles in 2016

Exactly, the hair style could make a great big difference to the image of the girl. Correctly matched haircut and the wonderful colors of hair can make you look more beautiful. Therefore, the choice of your hairstyle should be determined very cautiously. And I am going to show you the 2016 fashion trend of hairstyles. If you want to look more stylish and modern in this year, this post should be read carefully.

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The Lob

You should know that the bob hair style has been really trendy a few years ago. However, since last year, there are some changes of the bob hair style, and fashionstas have transformed the bob hair style into lob hair style, which means the long bob. This hair style looks fantastic, no matter you are going to make your hair straight by using CUTIECLUB electric comb brush or the curl it.

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Curl Bob

Many girls think that the curl bob would not be the best choice, because the imperfect haircut would make it a mess at the end of the hair. But now you don’t have to worry, tousled hair and casual styling is exactly trend of the season 2016. And if you make styling with a hair dryer and round brush, you get a light, romantic and lively styling. In 2016, the stylists also focused on styling with smooth hair at the roots and curls at the ends, this option creates quite fashionable and daring look

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The Half Bun

The bun hair style is easy to pull off with magic hair bun roller, but the bun hair style is no longer the fashion hair style. So, how about the half bun? It has been made by many celebrities, and they did a great job with the half bun, which does look cute and fashionable.


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