Fashion News: the More Fashionable Show in 2015

The Dior 2015 autumn and winter haute couture show has been held at the rodin museum at 2:30pm on July 6 of the Paris time. It certainly is all people’s dream to take part in this show, not only for its well-known reputation but also for its charming and wonderful creations of clothes. However, it is not any activities easy to participate for ordinary people. Hence, only by appreciating this show through television, some magazines and fashion news can we have a look at these amazing designs.


It’s said that the original inspiration of Raf Simons, the creative director, is gained from the Flemish painting and artistry of some great master and then created such beautiful dresses which has a curious mixture of the history, fashion and art. From this example, we learn that we should pay more attention to everything in our daily life as it might give us some quite magical ideas when we are in trouble.

Dior 2015 clothes Dior 2015 clothes Dior 2015 clothes Dior 2015 clothes Dior 2015 clothesDior 2015 clothes

Under the influence of Flemish and the culture of French, on the one hand, luxuriant vertical fold cloth fabric and wide retro caged sleeves born. On the other hand,  the design that lots of complicated and elegant feathers are the result of the Impressionist’s and Pointillist’s art styles. From seeing the show, we can know there are a different variety of dresses and colors. With regard to it, I consider these dresses are fit for all occasion such as the party, the meeting, the dating and so on.

Dior 2015 clothes

Dior 2015 clothesDior 2015 clothes Dior 2015 clothesDior 2015 clothes

Nevertheless, it is a pity that not all the people are able to afford the cost of them due to its little expensive price. As the saying goes, good feather make good bird. I do suggest you buy one if you have the power and you would not regret doing so.

Dior 2015 clothes Dior 2015 clothes

Last but not least, I want you guys to focus your mind on all the models’makeup in this show. After observing the makeup, what are you think of? Yes, all the makeup on their face is so simple that we may think they faces are natural, without makeup. so in my own opinion, I consider the reason why all the models keep the makeup simple is that the theme of this show is innocent, natural and they want the audience to pay emphasis on the clothes.

simple-makeup-look simple-makeup-look


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