Fashion Repost: How to Become more Fashionable in The Color Run

The color run

Have you ever heard or known what is the color run? It is said that the color run is a kind of sports that originates from United States and is regarded as the happiest 5 miles running on the earth. All the participants are wearing white t-shirt to run, but when they passed each color stop, they will be dropped colorful powders from hair to toes, so as to better achieve the target of making running become more fashionable and cool.

The color runThe color runThe color runThe color runThe color run

As the popularity of such sportive spirit, the color run has become one of trendy parties for most fashionistas to gather. Therefore, how to be focus point and more eye-catching during so many runners? Surely you can’t lack of beautiful makeup especially the conspicuous eye and lip makeup. In this case, you’d better add the metal bright eye shadow like champagne on the base of traditional earth eye color. As for lips, red is good to improve your charm, while orange makes you look more gentle and lovely. But it is much wiser for you to try a more bold creative lip makeup like ombre lips or jelly lips. Do remember to wear a colorful wig and bright nail polish to match with your makeup look.

The color runThe color runThe color runThe color runThe color run

Besides, some detailed super fashionable wearings can’t be ignored. For example,a charming and practical sunglasses for one thing is the essential item to show good-looking appearance in the crowd. For another, it is useful to prevent powder invading your eyes. What’s more, bling bling sport bracelet can make you become more distinctive.

The color runThe color runThe color runThe color run

Are you ready for the most fashionable color runner? Don’t be hesitant, just run it.


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