Shining Yourself With Metallic Matte Lipstick

 metallic matte lipstickA lipstick is every woman’s lifesaver. Wear the perfect shade of lipstick and you can practically conquer the world! When everything goes wrong – a bad hair day or dark circles around the eyes – everything can be covered up by a perfect shade of lipstick. Finding an appropriate lipstick for you is important to make the most out of this saving glory. A suitable shade that is perfect for your skin tone, lip shape, and your desired look is probably the greatest beauty hack that can change your life. Take for example the hottest make up trend that hit the summer – the stunning metallic matte lipstick.

Metallic Matte Lipstick

Extremely far and different from the frosty and shiny colors that dominated the 90’s, metallic matte lipstick is fiercer and offers an exciting twist. The metallic sheen dries matte to create a dimension on the lips to make it look fuller. Women with thinner lips can further highlight it with a metallic matte liquid lipstick.

Metallic Matte LipstickMetallic shades come in a variety of colors – from icy pinks to neutral hues of brown to darker shades of red. Lighter shades of metallic matte liquid lipstick are ideal for the younger age group to create that refreshing young vibe; darker shades of metallic matte lipstick work best for the modern-day career woman who’s more mature. Metallic matte lip gloss in neutral hues are ideal for casual days or when you don’t feel like wearing makeup but need a pop of color on your lips.

Metallic Matte Liquid LipstickFinding the Best Metallic Shade for You

Women with dark skin can go for metallic matte lipstick in shades of red, dark plum and brown. Pair it up with light make-up to draw attention to the lips. For those with fair skin, a richer shade of red, red with purple undertone and pinks are excellent choices. To keep the look natural and far from overwhelming, a thin black eyeliner and neutral-colored eyeshadows are the top choices to complement the metallic matte lipstick shade.

Metallic Matte Lip Gloss

Metallic matte liquid lipstick can look good on everyone, and blends well with minimal make-up. There is no need for facial highlights. The sheen is enough to make the face glow and create that instant celebrity feel. Talk about less effort on contouring.

 Metallic Matte Lip GlossGetting on the Metallic Matte Trend

Effortless beauty and lesser need for makeup – these are the benefits of using metallic matte lipstick and gloss. Aside from their knack for setting bolder fashion statements, they can make anyone look perfect on Instagram. Find the perfect shade to get instant dimension on your lips.


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