Five Fruits can Whiten Our Skin

There is no denying that majority of women are afraid of black skin and try their best to keep the white skin in hot summer. With regard to how to protect themselves from the strong sunlight, Some use the whitening body care products to make it come true; others always make use of the sunscreen cream when they go outside. But the weirdest way is they often stay at home as far as possible. You know, it occurs to me that all these methods are troublesome. Eating some kinds of fruits can achieve this target. Please continue to read this following list.

women with white skin  women with white skinwomen with white skin women with white skin

Kiwifruit, has a great reputation of the king of fruits, is a natural fruit with a high nutritional value. By looking at its surface, people might think that it is ugly. But please don’t judge a book by its cover. Only by having a deep understanding can we know what a treasure it is!

kiwifruit  kiwifruit kiwifruit  kiwifruit

Lemon is one of the necessary fruits for us to whitening our skin stone. Dripping its juice into water to drink is a good habit in everyday morning and it give us a lot of benefits to our health and beauty. But remember that don’t expose yourself to the sun as soon as you drink the lemon juice, which will not prevent you from becoming black instead will accelerate the speed to turn into black.

lemon  lemon lemon  lemon

Watermelon is a hot fruit in summer due to its abundant water. As we all known, the summer is so hot that the water in our body need to be replenished all the time.

Watermelon  Watermelon Watermelon  Watermelon

Tomato is not only one kind of fruits but also one kind of vegetables. From this, we can realize that how nutritional it is! There is a material inside to make us become older slowly. If you want to keep young, eat tomato more.

tomato  tomato tomato  tomato

Orange contains increased amounts of beneficial materials such as carotene, vitamin and so on, which make us healthier than before.

orange  orangeorange orange

Which fruit is you favorite among these five fruits? I can tell you I love them all beacuse all the tatse of them are good. Please lay emphasis on this natural skin care!


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