Five Necessary Shimmery Pieces to The Beach

Along with the rising of temperature, more and more people are fond of going to beach to swim. That’s no doubt that it’s high time for girls to show off their beauty and alluring enchantment by everything they are wearing. With regard to this, I firmly sure that there are five necessary shimmery pieces which are listed as the follow that we have to bring together in this year.

First, full-piece suits. You don’t think so? To be frank, it’s reported by lots of media both at home and abroad that full-piece suit is the popular trend of fashion in 2015. Tori Praver, the chief designer of the well-known swimsuit brand in America, do say so. Only by realizing our body and choosing the suitable swimsuit can we be the sexy and attractive one. By the way, don’t forget to pay attention to our personal care such as the sunscreen which can prevent our body from strong sunlight.

full-pieces suit

full-pieces suit3full-pieces suit2

full-pieces suit5full-pieces suit4

Second, it’s the large-scale air inflation. It not only is a good assistant in swimming but also can add the summer atmosphere when we take photos to commemorate. Recently, a photo of Taylor Swift came into our view. In that photo, we can see the white-swan air inflation of SUNNYLIFE obviously. There is no exception for the super star, how about you?

air inflation air inflation2 air inflationair inflation4 air inflation3 air inflation5

The third thing we must bring is a big straw hat. For one thing, wearing it can protect our face to avoid it turn into black skin. For another thing, it’s also a beauty accessory to increase our appeal and it match with all kinds of swimsuits.

big straw hat big straw hat2 big straw hat3 big straw hat4 big straw hat5

The flat sandal is the next thing we need to process. That’s much wise for us to wear a flat sandal to the beach as it’s too rude and too common with slippers. Of course, this is my own personal opinion. maybe you have different idea and we can share.

flat sandal flat sandal2

flat sandal4 flat sandal5 flat sandal3

The last is kimono, also called suit up. Sometimes, if some girls wearing swimsuit are shy, they could wear a kimono to hide their body. In addition, kimono can also keep us stay away from strong sunlight in a certain degree. Moreover, we can bring a fresh solid perfume to make us more close to the nature.

kimono kimono2 kimono3 kimono4 kimono5 kimono6


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