Five Tips of Brow Makeup You Must Notice

If you want to focus others’ mind on your beautiful eyes, the charming eye makeup is necessary for you to notice. But I think the most necessary part to embellish your alluring eyes is the brow. Why? A beautiful brow can make more people take notice of your vivid eyes and this is the reason that more and more people pay more attention to their brow makeup. But it’s not easy to make up a great brow and you should notice some tips as the follow.

makeup makeup

brow makeup

No.1: Under the natural light
It can help you clearly notice the strays to remove and make the brow shape more natural which you may ignore when you are standing under the natural light to trim your brow.

brow makeup brow makeup

brow makeup

No.2: Never use the magnifier
It sounds good to use the magnifier when trimming the brow as it can help you see the brow more clearly. On the contrary, it just make your makeup was well under par.

brow makeup brow makeup

brow makeup

No.3: Use eyeshadow to draw eyebrow part
The effect by using the eyeshadow is better than the brow pencil. As the brow pencil will press the brow on the skin while the 5 colors eyeshadow palette makes them more tridimensional.

5 colors eyeshadow palette 5 colors eyeshadow palette

brow makeupbrow makeup

No.4: Never aspire the symmetry of brow
If your brows are not symmetrical as natural, you should let it do, not impose them to be symmetrical. It will not make your look more beautiful.

brow makeup brow makeup brow makeup

No.5: Choose the right colors
With regard to the 2 colors eyebrow powder palette, it is more suitable for you to make up. If you always observe others’ brow makeup in detail, you will find that the light color is applying in front of the brow and the dark color is applying in the tail, which make the brow makeup more natural.

2 Colors Eyebrow powder Palette 2 Colors Eyebrow powder Palette brow makeup


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