FLYCO Rechargeable Razors – The Future Of Shaving Is Here

Shanghai Flyco Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, a company based in China is a major player in the field of design, manufacturing and marketing personal care products across the globe. The company boasts a wide range of high-quality grooming products including hair grooming, steamers, savers, razors, clippers and sweeping robots. The products have amazing quality at highly affordable prices, available on retail stores as well as on online orders.

One of the game-changing technologies employed by FLYCO has brought about a variety range of FLYCO Rechargeable Razors. They are easily chargeable as well as lightweight, efficient and sturdy. Each of these comes with a plug adapter for any country where the order is filled from. The default plug adapter in this is built in US plug. From the wide range of available razors here are our top 3 picks.

 FLYCO Rechargeable Razor

FLYCO FS728 Rechargeable Electric Shaver Floating Rotary Razor

Along with modern rotary double cutting blade, this one comes with double independent floating and double loop network speed cover for damage protection as well as ensuring a keenly close shave. The built-in trimmer has a popping mechanism. This determines the height of the beard on go and is easier to clean. On a full charge, this FLYCO rechargeable razor gives 30 minutes of continuous shaving time. Lastly, it comes with a plug adapter based on the country where you order the product.

 FLYCO Rechargeable Razor

Flyco FS372 Intelligent Speedy Electric-Shaver IPX7 Waterproof-Floating Shaving Razor

Complete with a flash charging time of only 1 hour, this FLYCO rechargeable razor gives an impressive using time of 90 minutes at the global voltage so it can be used anywhere. The body is made of superior stainless steel. The classic sharp and durable blades will grind even the hardest-to-get piece of hair. The double rings on the shaving heads give 95% and 360 coverage contouring the face. A saloon quality smooth and clean shave is guaranteed with this razor. Other impressive features include LED display alarm that comes in handy when the battery is below 5%, smart-washing alarm for indicating the time for cleaning according to shave and a smart block for stopping the rotation when the shaver head gets jammed. Lastly, there is a smart battery charging indicator as well as a shaving time available display. This truly is the smartest razor the market can offer.

 FLYCO Rechargeable Razor

FLYCO FS360 Professional Double Ring Floating Electric Shaver With Popup Trimmer

This easy rechargeable electric shaved boasts a pop-up side trimmer for adjusting beard length and is highly convenient to use. The double floating shaving head technology covers 95% contour of the face and goes a full 360 degrees for tracing and flexibility. On a full recharge of 8 hours, this FLYCO rechargeable razor has a continuous shaving time of 60 minutes. It weighs only 210 g, a feature that makes it ideal when traveling. FLYCO Rechargeable Razor



The above razors may have their different features but one thing is for sure, FLYCO spared no effort in ensuring they all meet industry standards. They are each inspired by the changing modern-day shaving needs.





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