Dress Your Lips With an Amazing Lipstick Colour This Season

The Christmas festive season is here again. You must be grappling with the type of shade your lipstick should be, just to make your lips perfect. You must be wondering which hue will fit the outfit chosen. Of course, you may want to look different this time, set yourself apart from the clichéd red shades you have applied for years now. Look different this Christmas by ditching red and going for shades such as coffee, peach, coral or mauve. Enhance your beauty by selecting the shade that matches with your outfit.

focallure lipstick

Be daring and choose from this colour list:

Plum lip

This colour brings out the Christmas vibe and makes your kissable lips fuller. You put on the Christmas fitting dress, add the plum lipstick and step out as a chic you are.

focallure lipstick

Coffee Lipstick

This season is seeing the return of brown colour, bolder than ever before. The coffee shade will blend perfectly with the earthy tone makeup. Opt for the warm cinnamon and coffee hues that will make you classy and trendy. This choice is applicable to almost all skin tones.

focallure lipstick

Coral Colour

Coral lipstick appears excellent on tanned skin. If you select this bright shade, it will bring out the playful, youthful side of your life. Furthermore, this bright coral lipstick colour blends well with a green outfit that will make you an object of cynosure during this festive season.

focallure lipstick

Mauve Lipstick

The bold mauve lipstick rekindles the 90s moments. Bring them back boldly and fearlessly by wearing the mauve lipstick that brings the perfect pinkish hint that makes you dazzle during the party. The mauve shade compliments fully with your bright outfits such as green and yellow.

focallure lipstick


No one has ever gone wrong with the Focallure lipstick. While red may not be unique (it has been used or overused, to say the least), pink is always stunning during this party season.

Select varying shades of pink, like fuchsia, or nude pink and you will live to remember this season.

focallure lipstick

Peach Lipstick

Peach lipstick comes out wonderfully on Indian skins. While peach colour does not shout, it blends well with dark outfits for winter.

focallure lipstick

As we usher in the festive season, do not get stuck on what colour to flaunt. From this list, choose the best that will make you stand out. Your personal tastes and preferences are very key in choosing the type of lipstick colour to wear. All said, be bold and daring this season. Bring out the youthfulness in you and prepare to be modishly different. For more beautiful lipsticks at a discounted price, please check here.


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