For beginner: Lipstick Makeup Tips

For beginner: Lipstick Makeup TipsLip pays an important part in the beauty of your face. So whether you have a elaborate makeup greatly depends on your lip makeup. However, to get a satisfied lip make up may be not easy thing for beginner because by no means this problem can be solved only by a lipstick. You need some lip makeup techniques. So, look at here. In the following I will tell you how to give a elaborate makeup to your lip and how to keep it enduring.

1. To determine the top of your upper lip and the bottom line of your lower lip. And then draw a rough shape with your lip pen. If the color of your lip is uneven, I suggest you should use the foundation to make it even.2. Take your lipstick from yourCosmetic Storage Bags and then first you should apply the lipstick on your upper lip little by little with patience. And then when you finish the upper lip, repeat it on your lower lip. For beginner, I suggest you should apply the lipstick on you lip slowly and make it even  with a lipstick brush because if you apply it directly , you may apply too much especially the lipstick with dark color.3. When you finish the whole lip, you can sip it with a piece of tissue and then if you find it is not applied evenly, you can continue apply one of lipstick of Metal Effect Lip GlossSet on your lip until it is perfect. And then sip it with a piece of tissue again gently.

4. In order to keep your lip makeup for a rather long time, you can apply the foundation on your lip, which can be able to keep your lip makeup more enduring,

To have an elaborate lip makeup is very important to make you more beautiful but the daily care on your lip by exfoliating and moisturizing is very necessary so do not forget it. Only in this way can you be more beautiful.


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