Four Makeup Errors Make Your Look more Ugly than the Look without Makeup

Obviously, the purpose about makeup of all people is to make themselves younger and more beautiful in daily life. But sometimes, some makeup errors make you look older and even more ugly than the look without makeup on the contrary. Are there something wrong with you? Maybe the makeup methods or some habits of you have problems. Here let’s check out them and please take notice of the wrong habits which are listed as the follow.

beautiful makeup beautiful makeup

No.1: never clean your makeup brushes
Most of the makeup artist admit that cleaning the makeup brushes is one of the events that they would not like to do as it will expend a lot of precious time. As a matter of fact, the makeup tools especially the makeup brushes is very easy to accumulate bacteria, dust and the dirt, which make the skin become worse and the facial problems appear. So we need to clean them regularly.

makeup brushes makeup brushes

No.2: try the foundation on the back of the hand
We always need to use the foundation for trail before we purchase it. There are so many people have the habit to try the foundation on the back of their hand, which is total a wrong method. In face, the skin tone of the back of hand is really different from the skin tone of our face. Thus, you should quit trying to apply the foundation like BB cream liquid foundation on the skin that under the eyes or the skin around nose to check out its effect.

try the foundation on the back of hands try the foundation on the back of hands

No.3: apply the waterproof mascara everyday
I don’t suggest you apply the waterproof mascara everyday unless you go swimming. As the waterproof mascara is a little difficult to take off and it is easy to lead to the harm for our eyelashes during the process that taking off t the makeup.

apply waterproof mascara apply waterproof mascara

No.4: make up under the unnatural light
Don’t make up under the unnatural light as it will cause the uneven makeup on your face. All you guys should try your best to make up under the natural light.

make up under the unnatural light


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