Four Mistakes that the Girls with Long Hair should Notice

Speaking generally, the long hair is most of the girls’ dream hairstyle on matter it is curling or straight. As time goes by, the hair will become longer and longer. To be frank, we have to pay more attention to the hair care, or the hair will not be the piece that embellish your appearance. The bad hair will make us look less energetic and out of fashion than before. Want to possess the long beautiful hair? Please take notice of the few errors which are listed as the follow and try your best to get rid of those bad habits about the hair.

girl with long hair girl with long hair

No.1: Don’t comb the long hair when it is dry.
No matter how much hair conditioner you use during the process to wash the hair, it still is easy to knot when it is dry thoroughly. I do suggest that you guys should use the comb which is quite wide between the broach of the comb to handle the hair from front to back when your hair still is wet. With regard to the comb, I recommend the wooden antistatic hair comb to you to make good use of its feature to protect the hair.

girl with long hair

girl with long hair

No.2: Don’t take exercises with a ponytail.
Having the braid or using the bobby pins to hold the hair in place is more suitable for the exercises as it is harmful for our hair with the ponytail during the sport. Remember, you should be careful not to cut hair tied too tight!

girl with long hair girl with long braid

No:3. Apply the hair spray first before curling.
Before curl the hair, all you guys should use some hair care products to make the hair become fleeciness and then use the hair spray to hold it.

girl with long hairgirl with long hair

No.4: Don’t put the hair in to the coat.
As the weather is becoming cold, more and more girls put on their coat, turtleneck sweater and the scarf. On this basis, the girls always put their into the clothes or the scarf, which is bad for the hair. You’d better comb the hair down outside or make a loose braid.

girl with long hair girl with long hair


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