Four Tips on Having a Sound Sleep on Plane

It is not always easy to fall asleep in a plane because the seats are usually uncomfortable and at times cramped. But with the right tips, you can manage to have a shuteye in the aircraft despite the altitude of travel and all the noise that come with the plane engine. Here’s how the well-traveled manage to some shuteye.

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Personal space

For you to get sleep in an airplane, it is crucial for you to make a right decision regarding your seating position as well as the activities you will engage in during your flight. In case you want to sleep during your trip, do not seat too close to the front of the back of the plane. If you seat to close to the front, you will be in constant disturbance from families that want to get their little ones one and off first. On the other hand, if you choose to seat too close to the back, you will get the most people traffic from people going to and from the toilet. At times, the end of the plane is not only noisy but also smelly and too frantic for a nap. Instead, you should opt for a seat next to the window and in the middle section of the plane.

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Sleep accessories

Unlike a bus, a plane carries many people at once over long distances. With such a number, there could be so much noise that deters any sleep. Therefore, for you to have any rest in such an environment, it is crucial that you carry some sleep accessories such as sleeping eye mask and headphones to keep away the light and noise respectively. Equipping yourself with this essentials will enable you to have a sound sleep amidst the screaming child in the plane and engine noise as well as the plane lights.

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Healthy foods

Other than the noise found in planes, one flight attendant suggested that most people lack sleep in the flight because they intake a lot of food that in turn interferes with their internal rhythm which has an adverse effect on rest. Therefore, for you to have a shuteye on a plane, you should take advantage of the flight food options and intake water to keep yourself hydrated.

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Your dress code will also determine if you will be able to get any sleep while on the plane to your destination. Research conducted suggest that wearing warm clothes increase your chances of having a shuteye on the flight unlike when wearing light clothes. A Southwest Airlines flight attendant said that one should wear loose-fitting shoes and comfortable clothing to be able to sleep. The pressure exerted by wearing tight shoes and clothes can make our bodies to swell hence uncomfortable even to sleep.

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There are so many tips that can help you have a shuteye while traveling on a plane. The tips discussed above are but a few. But if put in practice, they can help you and will have answered the question of how to have a sound sleep in an airplane. For more sleeping accessories, please check here.


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