Funky Nail Art Ideas for School Girls

Everything nowadays has turned out to be a fashion. And among all the new ideas, designs and trends in the world of fashion, nail art is the most popular one among the young ladies across the world, as the world of nail art grows day by day, women have started to give a lot of importance to nail art. And it is no longer just white stripes on black nails anymore; it is much more than that. Ideas have become more creative and funkier. And if you are ready with your nail art kit and looking for ideas to make beautiful art, here are a few ideas for you:

nail art kit

  1. Water Spotted Beach Nails

For young ladies out there, who love beaches and oceans, this one is for you. Turn your beautiful nails into a refreshing mini ocean. Cherry on top, put a cute little starfish on one of your nails. What kind of colors do you need to recreate this amazing look? Well, you will need colors in white, blue, light blue, orange shades, and sandy beige. Along with that, you will also need a few things like iridescent glitter, water, a cup, alcohol spray and a dotting tool.

nail art kit

  1. Neon Nail Designs

This season is all about bold colors and neon shades. Try out some fantastic nail design ideas in bold and neon colors. The designs can be anything depending on your mood. What you have to choose is bold colors like yellow, black, dark green or sparkling orange. A tip, keep your nails long to match-up with your design ideas.

nail art kit

  1. Dotty French Spring Nails

Let’s all be a bit girly and try out these dotty French spring nail ideas. Wear your favorite and bright colors this summer. Choose from vibrant colors like red, pink, white, blue, green, purple or yellow. Transform your nail tips into a beautiful and colorful canvas. Get a French manicure first and put colorful dots all over it. This will not take much of your effort and you will be pleased to see the results anyway!

nail art kit

  1. Try out the Latest Lace Nail Design

The lace nail design is “in” these days and a lot of girls love it. This nail design can be called a minimalistic and subtle nail design and if you are someone who loves such nail art, this one is for you. So, gather a white nail polish, a tool brush, an airbrush, a nail base coat, a top coat, and a piece of lace on your nail art kit and get set go!

nail art kit

The above-mentioned nail art ideas are just a few of the amazing nail art design ideas that any school girls can try out. If you love these ideas, why not try out now?




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