Get a Unique Touch With Flowery Nail Fashion.

Stand-up from the crowd and show the world your creative side. This summer colorful and flowery nails have become the center of any fashion designer. Independent from the occasion, if you go to an opening gala, your friends late summer barbecue, or just enjoy this year’s last sunbeams on a boat deck, flower nail art is the only piece of your fashion design you should always ware.

Do something to love yourself and dig into the infinite options of colors, forms, and elements we offer at Dancingnail.


Besides marine motives like seahorses and starfishes, the hot season was also an occasion for abstract designs and original colors. However, flowery inspirations remain a classic. Seasonal flower nail art combines elegance and femininity in a very unique way.

Get inspired by Dancingnail’s recommendations for your personal style.

For those who are looking for something inconspicuous and timeless, a red French manicure with flower accent is a beautiful option to show your nails from the best side.


But why not try other shades with tropical flowers that combine well with an ethnic look inspired in the Caribbean, or sharpie tulips which remind the classical beauty of their straight lines. Neon flowers go also with a cut nail, which suits very well the active woman.

The most daring might use neon holographic or a black and white Gothic style as recommended by NAILS magazine.


At least, since Kelly Osbourne topped her punk vibe outfit with glitter accents, and crystal incrustations are in every mouth they have become an essential part of nail design. If you don’t know how to integrate them, give some glittery accent to define borders or highlight the central flower element with it.


Our favorite color combination for this season is a luminous pale blue and green filigree flower ornament with well organized negative spaces. Start with the undercoat and let it well dry. Then apply the colors of the flower design gradually and with care. For those who are not so expert in drawing, you may take a cut foil in order to find inspiration and to make the drawing step easier. For the more advanced fashion artist, it will probably turn out quicker and more creative to develop your design as you draw and discover the individual shape of each nail.


Don’t forget to protect your work with a resin finish, so that your colors will not bleed out in the sun.

As you can see, there is a design that makes you feel you for every woman. Even when it’s not always easy to find the motives and colors that express best your personality, discovering your unique style is great fun.

Celebrate the end of summer with flowery designs from Dancingnail on Banggood.




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