Get an Enchanting Red Manicure in Minutes

Nail Polish

When you manicure your nails, which color is your favorite among various nail polish? Red, black, pink or others? In my eyes, I strongly believe that pure red style is favored by many young girls and women. So do you want to get an enchanting red manicure in minutes? In the following, let me teach you step by step.

Nail PolishNail Polish

Step 1: Tools preparation.
You’d better own one nail art set, so as to reduce extra trouble of lacking one or two manicure tools during the process.

nai art set

Step 2: Nails trimming.
Although this step can be ignored, in order to make sure all your nails shipshape, it is sure that you should stick to do it.

Step 3: Base coat addition.
Base coat will help to prevent stains and keep your nails healthy, undoubtedly you should pay attention to this step.

Step 3: Red nail polish application.
This is the most important step, please concentrate your attention. Take your time and try not to get any nail polish on your fingers or cuticles. When it is dry, apply a second coat to polish the final effect.

nail polish

Step 4: Top coat addition.
Top coat will help to protect your nails from any chips and scratches, surely you can’t forget.

Right, you have finished all the steps, after it gets dry completely, you can wear your enchanting and gorgeous red nail design out happily and confidently.

nail polish nail polish nail polishnail polish


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