Get Rid of Blackhead in the Right Way

Blackheads, as a feature of acne, are a really annoying skin problem. Most of us might be really frustrated to find out that to get rid of blackheads is a difficult task. However, to remove blackheads, you should better get to know clearly the causes of blackheads, so that you could find out the best way of getting rid of them. And in this article, I would love to show you the causes of blackheads and discuss different ways of getting rid of blackheads.

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What are blackheads? Simply, the blackheads are as a result of blocked pores, and it’s the oily substance sebum that blocks the pores. In general, sebum plays an important role in keeping our skin supple and hydrated. However, with the blackheads problem, your sebum might be overproduced. If sebum is overproduced, it might form plugs, and those plugs that turn into blackheads are exposed to the air and have been oxidized.

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As most of you, who have been struggling with the blackheads for a long time, would know that, there are too many methods to get rid of blackheads. But, some of those methods are not effective, while some of those methods might do harm to your skin. Either way of them is not the way we want. As far as I am concerned, there are totally 5 ways that are used commonly, which includes blackhead remover tool set, pore remover mask, makeup cleansing oil, mud mask, and essential oil. And I would love to discuss these 5 methods one by one down beneath.

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Blackhead remover and blackhead removing mask are not recommended since they will enlarge your pores and lead to a worse situation, although I have to admit that it’s kind of excited to see those blackheads have been pulled out of the pores.

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Mud mask is one of the recommended ways to get rid of blackheads. However, it doesn’t work as effective as the blackhead remover or pore remover mask, but it’s a much milder way to get rid of blackheads. However, this method requires you to use the mud mask regularly.

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According to the causes of blackhead, oil cleansing method will be the best way. Makeup cleansing oil is effective, and I do love to use makeup cleansing oil to dissolve blackheads. But, one more thing you should know about the makeup cleansing oil is that it contains surfactants, which will irritate your vulnerable skin. In view of that, the essential oil, for example, jojoba oil and coconut oil will be the best treatment.

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Now, you might be able to distinguish the right way from all those methods.


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