Get Rid of Few Bad Habits, be Younger than Ten Years

Majority of people know that over exposure to the sun will destroy the good skin as well as the smoking. In addition these bad habits, are there still other bad habits will destroy our good imagination and appearance? Here are some habits that you have and they may speeds up the aging process for your appearance. In order to be younger than other people’s peers, you have to learn some skill to prevent your skin from leaving some obvious mark on your face. Why I say like this? As I think that is impossible for us to keep youth forever and we will die one day finally.

wrinkleswrinklesNo.1: don’t be too thin
Yes, don’t be too thin! It is said by most of the dermatologists that you will seem to be older than before if the fat on your face is too less. Of course, the skin will be more flabby if your weight changes all the time. You should eat more nutritional fruits and vegetables like the kiwifruit or tomatoes, and take proper exercises to guarantee your health and nutrition.

skin careyounger skin

take exercise

No.2: guarantee the sleep quality
The sleep quality is very important for the people’s spirit, attention and the complexion. You have to make sure that you have enough time about 7 or 8 hours to sleep and keep your bedroom darker, colder and quieter, which can improve your sleep quality. In addition, you should add some essential oil like the wormwood aroma essential oil to make you more relaxing before you go to bed.

skin care skin care

No.3: quit sleeping on one side
This sleeping posture is more comfortable for the baby, but it will bring the some bad effects like the wrinkles and the flab of your skin if you keep for a long time. So you need to prepare some skin care products in advance and use then in your daily life. By the way, the best sleeping posture is to lay on your back and it will not have any bad influence on your health.

sleep on the back sleep on the back


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