How to Get Tough Look as Will Smith

I can say and I have to say that I am really a big fan of Will Smith. I can never image there is someone that pleases me so much even when I watch his photo and moved me endless tears just watching his films. Until I met him, of course on the screen. He is handsomer than handsomer and tougher than tough!

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I love him, as a cool and intelligent cop, an superman like hero in I, Robot; I like him, as a poor miserable single father in The Pursuit of Happyness and many many other films. Now matter he acts as legendary hero or a nobody struggling in the lowest class in the society, he is always so appealing. Men should all get as tough as he does.

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I think his rectangle short beard and closely cropped hair are the most extinguished and defining feature in his overall look. Well trimmed short beard sometimes can really bring a man the mature charm. So How to get such tough look as Will Smith?

First of all, you should cut shave your beard to the length between 1mm to 2mm. Beard at this length looks straight and stiff, and more manly while the longer one will become curly and weak. You can use the electric shavers when cutting the beards. Measure the length with a comb, just like the barber, will help shaving a crew cut beard.

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Then we will go to the second step. This is very stylish one. The rectangle shape beard takes skillful technique in making the straight edge. Double edge razor blades of sharp and good quality will be required, as the manual shaver will be much easier to control when shaving. Firstly, you should have a draft in your mind, and picture the ideal beard type that you like. Then, start from the left and right sides. Shave off the beard on cheek but save that on thin. Measure the size with the blade and shave two left and right sides of the rectangle. Next, we will going to handle those near lips. The beard on the upper lip can left, but the lower lip should remain clean. This shaving can make your lips look brighter and avoid messy impression to others.

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After shaving and trimming, you will find your beard at a thin but visible condition. You skin can also be seen through the beard. If not, you might need to cut it shorter. This short beard design can make a man look tough and it will be easy to get clean and without producing any rude and dirty image. I think, this is the reason why Will Smith the most handsome actor in my eyes.

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When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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