Get Your Surprising Gift by buying Xiaomi Electric Rechargeable Shaver Now

Most men visit a barber shop to shave their beards while the rich employ experts to do the job. Paying a barber or an expert to groom your look is quite expensive. You need an electric shaver especially if your beards grow at a faster rate. Xiaomi electric rechargeable shaver is the best choice for an electric shaver. The good thing about this gadget is that it comes with a free beard shaper as a bonus!

xiaomi shaver

Features of Xiaomi electric rechargeable shaver

Rotary blades

The rotatory blades rotate at 360 degrees while you are shaving your beards perfectly. Operated by a smaller motor, it consumes less power and this saves energy. Besides, the motor does not produce too much heat and vibration, which makes handling the gadget easier than other conventional models. Coming with a protective mechanism, it prevents the sharp blades from bruising your skin. And the gadget has a thin auxiliary knife which lifts your beard so that the 3-blade rotary head can cut them uniformly.

xiaomi shaver

Sleek design

Traditional beard shaving machines are heavy and large in size. This makes it difficult for you to achieve a perfect shape when trimming your beards. However, Xiaomi shaver is smaller in size so it will be easy to use. Moreover, it is cordless, which allows you to use it in the shower or outdoors. Its slim body makes it easy to grip and turn the equipment hence a better shaving experience. In addition, the body has a glossy coating that protects it from rusting and makes it beautiful.

xiaomi shaver

Powerful battery

Xiaomi shaver comes with an inbuilt lithium-ion battery. The battery can supply the motor with an operational power for more than 60 minutes on a single charge. The gadget has a powerful charger which can fully charge the battery in a few minutes.

xiaomi shaver

Wet and dry shaving

The shaver works on both dry and wet surface. This feature allows you to use the gadget while having a shower or after washing your face. The glossy paint prevents water from getting in contact with the metallic body thus making it rust free.

xiaomi shaver

Limited noise

This gadget reduces noise in many ways. The motor of the Xiaomi shaver has been built with advanced technology to reduce noise. Made of strong steel which is imported from Japan, the blades are razor-sharp to cut the beards with ease hence they don’t have to spin at high speed to work as expected. Furthermore, the body of the gadget is enclosed tightly to reduce noise from mechanical parts of the shaver.

xiaomi shaver


You can trim your beards into different looks for free if you have Xiaomi electric rechargeable shaver. This gadget is easy to operate due to its sleek design and weightlessness. The main advantage of using Xiaomi shaver is that the rotary blades can’t bruise or cut your skin while shaving. Get Xiaomi shaver today on Banggood and save a lot of money by grooming your beads yourself.



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