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Do you know what date is September 20th? Maybe some people don’t know about it. It’s the International Teeth-loving Day. On this day every year, some people will hold some activities to arouse people’s mind to protect their teeth as the odontopathy is one of the main diseases which are accepted as influence people’s health. As the saying goes, the devil is always in the details. So, in my personal opinion, if we want to give people a brilliant smile first, we ought to draw more attention on our oral care.

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I love smiling to everyone even a stranger. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with my teeth recently. One of my teeth has been paining for two days and I have no idea what problem it is. I guess there is a tooth decay which leads to my pain. You have no idea how regret I am now and how sore I am suffering from. As a victim of having a toothache, I do suggest you guys should protect your teeth from now on, even a two-year-old kid.

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In our daily life, we should toothbrush to brush our teeth twice a day in the morning and evening. And before brushing, we should wash the toothbrush as there may be some bacteria on it. During this brushing process, we should notice three points. First, move the brush in small circular motions across the surface of the teeth; second, don’t press too hard on the teeth; Third, make sure that you cover the front of the teeth and the back of the teeth. After that, we ought to use an electric oral irrigator to wash our teeth again, which make a further assurance for the health of teeth. Having clean, white teeth can improve our appearance and make us want to flash your smile to everyone you meet.
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