Glistering Your Look With Focallure Lipstick

Every girl loves a good lipstick, for it keeps your lips moisturized and aesthetic. For one to finally settle on their favorite brand of lipstick, there are things people consider. Availability and cost are among the things. Makeup brands have in the recent years, grown their products and brought variety to their clients. From foundations, mascara, different shades of glitter eye makeup; eyeliners glow, liquid eye shadow, lip lacquer and highlighting powder, to lipstick, companies have all sorts of products for the face. Some lipsticks only last for a few hours, others can last for a whole day without wearing off; Focallure Lipstick falls in the latter category. When applied, it makes the wearer attractive and looks great on everyone.

focallure lipstick

2018 has also brought a ton of hot glitter makeup products. The eyes are often given more attention with glitters. One can do the following to bring out the perfect eye.

focallure lipstick

i). Color Blocking: Apply a different color of glitters and glows on your eyelids and second color below creases of both eyes, then etch out thin sharp wings. This bold look can pair with any Focallure Lipstick.

ii). Inner Corner: Black cat eyes are the everyday norm, but with sea blue glitter powder, one can do just fine. Accentuate the inner corners of your eyes with the sea blue glitter powder, and complement that look with Blue Follacure Matte Glitter Lipstick.

focallure lipstick

iii). Highlighter: This can be applied around the cheekbone and slightly below the eye. One can never go wrong with a metallic gold highlighter. Any shade of Follacure metallic lipstick can help one achieve the perfect look.

focallure lipstick

Focallure Matte Glitter Liquid Lipsticks are of quality and come in different color shades. From numbers 31 to 36, there’s pink, nude, gold, light brown, purple etc. The average weight is 24 grams. When worn, one can engage in activities like swimming as the lipstick is waterproof and long-lasting. The matte and metallic nature of the lipstick makes it great to be worn during any time of the day or night. The glitter on is beautiful and makes the lips shine from a distance. The packaging is wonderful.

focallure lipstick

It’s super easy to apply Follacure Lipstick, as the texture is smooth and does not irritate the lips after some time. You can also eat and drink how you want after applying. Follacure Matte Liquid Lipstick does not stain cutlery like some brands. The top of your mug will remain dry after taking your tea, isn’t that amazing? This is the type of hippie I want to use for my bold look.





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