Green Hand Nail Painting Necessary: Nail Art Acrylic Paints

Nail Art Acrylic Paints

Practice makes perfect. This saying seems work pretty well in nail art painting. I never know that I can also make such good nail painting art. That happiness is more than awesome.

I am wondering if you still remember that I have said the most difficult part of nail decoration was painting. I don’t know if it is because of my bad painting experience in art classes in schools. I really hate painting especially for the precise drawing, I would make a ant looks like a bee. It is really a nightmare. Therefore, every time when I making any nail art, I will try my best to avoid nail art painting, although I really appreciate the nail art painting and dream to learn the skill.

Nail Art Acrylic Paints

As the old saying, best tool makes perfect work. I own success of defeating painting nightmare to a secret helper- the nail art acrylic paints. This set of nail painting tool including twelve pieces acrylic pigments of different brilliant colors, two painting pens of small and larger tips, two nail art displays and one color pallet. With these equipment, I can practice painting easily and causally with no need to worry about making any damages to nails. I can compare my nail painting works with each other, and learn from the successful one while at the same time avoid mistakes.

Nail Art Acrylic Paints

The nail art acrylic paints are really good-quality. The color is pure, decent and stable enough to remain the best condition in terrible environment. It can produce the best effect of nail polish and make our nail art works keep longer. I love the nail art displays very much. The white one is perfect for painting with foundation color, white, pink or even black are all perfect coats. I like to make small decoration with small painting pen and brighter color. Small flowers, animals, fruit or checks and strips are all very easy to draw. While the transparent acrylic display will be perfect for nail tip designs. I prefer a little painting on the edges of nail tips. Embodiment with nail stickers will make it look fantastic.

The feeling of painting my own nails is really exciting, I think you should also try on it. With this nail art acrylic paints, you will also fall in love with nail art painting.

Nail Art Acrylic Paints


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