What Hairstyle Combine With a Paperboy Hat?

Hats are a common piece of fashion for complementing a casual look. They can be worn to dinner dates, strolls on the beach, or to keep off cold during winter. Choice of a hat depends on the hair type but should complement the general dress code to an event. Paperboy hats have an increased popularity, especially due to their ease of wear.

paperboy hat

Below are a number of hairstyles to match with a paperboy hat:

  1. Ponytail hairstyle

Ponytails are an easy look and can be achieved on both short or long hair. Long hair is held to the back of the head with a band, and let to flow freely to the back. For people with short hair, there are natural hair extensions which extend the hair to form a ponytail. Paperboy hats go well with ponytails since they easily fit into the head.

paperboy hat

  1. Waves

Waves are one of the easiest hairstyles to wear under a hat. They are able to flow out of the paperboy hat, giving the look a fun texture and flow. Waves do not restrict it’s used to naturally wavy hair. Straight hair can be easily changed into waves with a visit to a hairdresser.

paperboy hat

  1. Double French braids

When wearing your hair in a windy day or environment, double French braids come in handy. The hair is divided into two equal portions to the back, and each portion is braided to form lines. These lines can either flow over the shoulder, or let loose to the back. This hairstyle prevents hair from being blown, which can affect the cap’s stability.

paperboy hat

  1. Single loose braid

Almost similar to the double French braids, a single loose braid gives the paperboy hat wear look casual and easy. A single braid is loosely made from the back of the head, braiding together all the hair to one length. The knots are left loose to achieve an easy look.

paperboy hat

  1. Spiral curls

When looking for voluminous hair flowing out of a paperboy hat, spiral curls are the ideal style. This style is perfect for people with naturally curly hair, but straight haired people can achieve the same feat by adding an extension or having their hair curled at a hairdresser.

paperboy hat

  1. Straight hair

Curled hair may be awesome under a cap, but it does not negate the possibility of trying out straight hair. The sleek flowing look of straight hair compliments the casual look brought by the paperboy cap, making it an ideal look for a semi-casual day out.

paperboy hat

Choice of how to wear hair with a paperboy cap should not be limited to specified hairstyles. It’s advisable to try out adventurous hairstyles, which helps identify the style that matches your hair type perfectly.




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