Hairstyles of Football Players of The World Cup 2018

A world cup is a sporting event that is viewed by billions of people around the world. It provides an opportunity for players to showcase their hairstyles matched with their skills. The hairstyles of them may inspire us to get the most handsome look in 2018. This article provides some of the most stylish hairstyles of the handsome football players. Follow our article and take a Surker hair clipper, you can get a hairstyle as stylish as the handsome players of The World Cup 2018

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Sergio Ramos

He is the Spanish captain and renowned defender- arguably among the highly rated defenders in the world. He used to style his hair with luscious locks, but he changed into a more classic hairstyle in this year’s world cup. His current hairstyle is a clean cut with a sharp short back. This complements the long hair on the top very well to provide a perfect look. This style is done through a slick back accompanied by a pomade that is oil -based.

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David De Gea

He holds a very prestigious position not only as a Spanish player but also as a player for Manchester United. He has had several hairstyles in the past but the current classic man-bun is distinguished among others. He pulls the hair with ease to make him perfect with the style. It is achieved by tying the hair and making a bun shape.

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Antoine Griezmann

This is a furnished Atletico Madrid player that has a somewhat extravagant hairstyle. His hair has blonde locks that are long that are maintained in position using a headband. This is a perfect match that demonstrates his dark and glittering grungy roots. Overall, Griezmann hairstyle is a characteristic of a pretty. This style requires to belong to the shoulder and then hold by a hair band.

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Neymar Jr

He is a very popular footballer both at the club and national level. He wears a statement look with a complete shaven side combined with a messy quaff on the top. It is a neo-mohawk but very stylish. Neymar makes the hairstyles beautiful with his technical ability in the field for scoring goals at will. Also, the presence of a tattoo makes the hairstyle a killer look.

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Lionel Messi

He is simply a football legend. His hairstyle is rugged compared to most of the other players in the world cup. The hairstyle is combined very well with his thick and bushy beard. The hairstyle remains meticulously within check making him a handsome look.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

He is not only the most handsome footballer but also the most talented skillful and a goal scoring machine of all times. In the last match, he just scored all three goals against Spain to a conclusion that Spain was playing against Ronaldo. He is a hairstyle icon and can as well score high in a beauty contest. Currently, he has opted for a short hairstyle as opposed to his earlier styles. It is a buzzcut combined with an excellent neat razor haircut line running through the parting.

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