Who Are The Most Handsome Players in the World Cup?

There are people who love football and there are people who love football players.

The FIFA 2018 sure has had football fans all around the world waiting for every update the media can release. The 32 men’s national teams have been on the spotlight since day one and watched by the audience. There are two types of people who discuss the World Cup Players: those who look down and those who look up. Most people would look down at where the ball is and who is on the run with it but there exists those who look up at the players’ faces and stare. These men are the combination of great hair, good looks, and impressive football skills.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a lineup of the strikers to look at up and down on the field:

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Antoine Griezmann

This 27-year old French footballer’s deep-set eyes are definitely what drew me in. Also, some photos of his showed him with his hair all messy and not to mention that clean shave of his as if a Surker hair clipper had just glided past it. The perfect combination of opposites.

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James Rodriguez

A 26-year old footballer from Colombia who sports a brushed-back hair, eyebrows that tilt slightly, and that boyish charm when he smiles is sure to reel in the ladies.

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Toni Kroos

At one glance, I would dub this German footballer a “gentleman” whose well-maintained haircut definitely puts him on this list.

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Paulo Dybala

Oh, a footballer who reminds me of Ian Somerhalder! He springs from Argentina and is at a ripe age—24. While some players have a good boy charm that adds to their looks, this one begs to differ. I think a fierce facial expression just highlights his features, especially those eyes that make you want to be the one in his field of vision.

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David de Gea

Whether his hair is cut short or tied at the back, this Spanish player at the age of 27 is not known only for his goalkeeping skills. While some think that a clean-shave is hot on a man, David does not disappoint regardless of that. Looks are not based on shaving, anyway, but on how a man carries his features and makes them his asset. The no-shave look is definitely elevating his handsomeness. And have I mentioned his kind eyes?

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Jonathan Dos Santos

Hold up! Our list is not quite complete just yet without Jonathan Dos Santos! Here is a 28-year old Mexican play who not only has the kindest look on this list but can also look as handsome with his game face on.

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It definitely is true when people say that skills and charm can be infused on one person. These men are great examples of that fact. And these men are sure to have the power to convert any person to a football fan.






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