Help! I Just Can’t Help Biting Nails

Are you a nail biter? If you do, then congratulations, because you share something in common with the celebrities, such as ex-British prime minster Gordon Brown, Jackie Onassis, Britney Spears- biting nails. But, do you know why people like biting nails? This is a kind of unsavory habit.

nail designs“Are we weaker willed? More neurotic? Hungrier?” One man was very frustrated and even desperate about his unconsciously nail biting. So he tried to solve this question through psychological researches. And he finally came to the conclusion,  “this so-call onychophagy is the product of the shape of our bodies, how hand-to-mouth behavior is built into (and rewarded in) our brains and the psychology of habit.”

nail care tipsIs that meant nail biters with no hope to quit biting nails? Do you agree with his answer? To be honest, I don’t think his answer is the only one. And I have a more convincing proof to support my views instead of this neither untouchable nor invisible psychological speculation. But I am not trying to challenging Freud’s theories.

My point is that our nails attract us to bite them. Recently, there is a very funny trend in nail designs. People like to print their nails with foods, ice cream, fruits, candies, vegetables, seafood, and other kinds of eatable things. Your nails have become so delicious, can you stop biting them?

nail care tipsWith such a yummy nail theme, nail biters seem desperate. But the funny thing is, sometimes you just cannot have a heart make a bite, as this nails look so lovely. And you also know that nail polish is not for eat. Therefore, here is a piece of nail care tips, if you want to quit this disgusting nail biting habit, just paint your nails with these delicious food. When you are psychological immune with the nails, you can give yourself a reward- an ice cream or a  juicy tropical fruit.
nail care tips


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