Hot-Selling Electronics for Health and Beauty on Banggood 10th Anniversary

Thanks for the developing technology, there are more and more electronics for health care, for example, the heart rate meter. And there are many hot-selling electronics for health and beauty for you on, because you are welcomed to celebrate Banggood 10th anniversary with us.

banggood 10th anniversary

Here are the hot-selling electronics for you.

Heart Rate Meter

Digital Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter

This digital sphygmomanometer could help you to test the blood pressure and heart beat. It is portable and useful for your own health.

Check Here: Heart Rater Meter

Keychain Alcohol Detector

PFT-68S Breath Alcohol Analyser Tester Breathalyser Key Chain

When alcohol content exceed the standard, it will alarm and remind you it might be “dangerous” now, it’s very useful for driving after drinking. Except above that, it has a vice function that is also used as a key chain, the equivalent of three products if only you purchase it.

Check Here: Keychain Alcohol Detector

KM-1832 Hair Clipper

KM-1832 5 in 1 Washable Electric Cutter 360 Degree Care Hair Clipper Trimmer Shaver

This one has multiple functions that might surprise you and meet all your needs. You could use this one to trim hair, trim nose hair and ear hair.

Check Here: KM-1832 Hair Clipper

rotary hair trimmer

KM-5886 4D 3 In 1 Rechargeable Shaver Washable Five Head IPX7 Rotary Razor Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper

This one is also a wonderful trimmer for men. And you should take a look at its wonderful details.

Check Here: Rotary Hair Trimmer

Head Neck Massager

Head Neck Scalp Equipment Stress Relax Massager

It’s a simple and portable massager that you could relax yourself wherever you are, and it is really comfortable to use this massager, as far as I am concerned.

Check Here: Head Neck Massager


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